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Chateau La Paws Video Transcript

Video starts out with jolly puppy music playing in background.

Chateau La Paws Fine Wine logo is shown. A pathway with painted yellow dog prints leading into the distance is shown. A blue sign "North Shore Animal League America" is displayed in white writing.

Cute puppies in a cage are shown with one of the pups jumping for joy as people approach the cage door. Another cute puppy is shown licking peanut butter off the owner's fingers. Yet another puppy is shown posing for the camera with a little help from the owner. Stillshots of people interacting with puppies is shown on a tablet screen.

The movie jumps to a scene of professional lighting, a camera woman, and the dogs master helping keep the dog focused on the work at hand. The owner then holds the dog and waves with the dog's paw. Another puppy held by its female owner is seen watching its own still shot as seen on a label of Chateau La Paws wine. Another female owner holds two black and grey puppies, one in each arm as they exchange kisses with each other. More puppies doing cute stuff and being photographed are shown.

The scene is back indoors with a volunteer wearing a shirt saying "Adopt Today" putting a puppy into one of the cages. More dogs being photographed are shown including the small dog that appears on the Chateau La Paws California red blend bottle.

A lineup of dogs used in the labels with their name shown begins to scroll upwards. Camus, Charlie, Echo, Effie, Grady, Marsalis, Mia, Morissey, Rodney, Thelib, Stella and Tigger all float by, and the scene changes to a photo of Chateau La Paws wine bottles including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Red Wine Blend, each with dogs showing on the label.

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