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See our models in action at their photo shoot with celebrity dog photographer Carli Davidson



Camus is a love bug - a young dog rescued from an Out of State Municipal Shelter as a young pup. Unfortunately after a year of being in a home, his parents had gone through a divorce and could no longer care for him. At Christmas Camus was adopted by a new family and is settling into his new home. Camus is featured on our Red Wine Blend label.



Charlie is a wonderful, playful lab mix pup rescued from a municipal shelter in Tennessee in October of 2014. He was adopted by a loving family on November 2nd 2014. You’ll find Charlie gracing the front of our Chardonnay wine.



Echo was rescued from a Midwest puppy mill in October of 2014. He was a bit nervous upon arrival, but warmed up quickly and loved to sit with his new friends and receive love and affection. He was adopted into his new home on November 9th and you will find him on bottles of our Pinot Noir.



Effie is a Great Pyrenees mix around 4 years old who was originally rescued from a kill-shelter in Tennessee. Effie was adopted for about a year and a half when she was returned to North Shore Animal League America because her owner was moving and Effie had gotten too big for them. She is a sweet dog and has lots of energy and just needs that perfect family that understands her for who she is. She is a big goofball and loves her toys and food. Effie would do best with older children in a home that could give her the time and energy she so deserves. You can bring a bottle with Effie on the label into your home by purchasing a bottle of our Chardonnay wine.



Grady is a playful 12 week old Hound/Terrier mix pup rescued from a municipal shelter in Tennessee in late October 2014. He was adopted into a happy new home soon after this photo shoot in November 2014 and is featured on our Chardonnay wine label.


Marsalis is a fun loving Shepherd terrier mix who came to us from a municipal shelter down South. Due to his wonderful personality and good looks, Marsalis was adopted in late October of 2014, spending only two weeks on the adoption floor until his new owners fell in love with him. Marsalis graces our Red Wine Blend bottles.


Mia is a uniquely gorgeous 8 week old Catahoula leopard dog puppy rescued from a municipal shelter in Tennessee. Mia was adopted on October 27th 2014 and graces the cover of our Pinot Noir wine.


Morrissey is a young Collie mix that was rescued from an out of state municipal shelter in August of 2014. He is a fun loving dog who always has a big goofy smile on his face. One of our kennel associates fell in love with Morrissey and adopted him in early November. Morrissey is featured on our Pinot Noir label.


Rodney is a big goofy Hound/Mountain dog mix puppy that was rescued from an out of state shelter in Virginia in late-October. He didn't stay at the league for long as his adopters could not resist his good looks and even greater personality. Rodney was adopted in early November. Rodney is the perfect blended breed to grace the cover of our Red Wine Blend.


Stella is the cutest little American pit bull terrier mix puppy you could ever meet. She was rescued from a municipal shelter in Virginia in October and was adopted into her new home on November 2nd 2014. You’ll find this cutie pie on bottles of our Chardonnay wine.


Thelib is a young Shepherd mix that was originally rescued from a municipal shelter in Virginia. He was adopted as a puppy and unfortunately had to come back to the League due to his family no longer being able to care for him. He is a great boy that is completely housebroken, knows his basic commands and loves to play. He's extremely affectionate and was recently adopted into a new happy home. Thelib poses on our delicious Pinot Noir label.


Tigger is a young boy that was rescued from a municipal shelter in Mississippi in September of this year. Tigger is extremely gentle and affectionate and was quickly adopted in late October by a wonderful family. Tigger appears on bottles of our delicious Red Wine Blend.