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Winemaker Marty Spate has put 16 years of winemaking experience & a lifetime love of dogs into these wines.

Red Wine Blend


There are some things that just make life better – namely dogs, with wine being a close second. Our Chateau La Paws Red Blend celebrates this with a medium-bodied red wine that is as satisfying and enjoyable as our four-legged friends. Like a mixed-breed dog, our Red Blend combines several varietals together to offer complex, multi-dimensional wine with affable character. Blueberry, raspberry and black forest cake aromas open the nose, followed by dark berries and sage on the palate. Soft and velvety in texture, the wine has a fruit-driven profile that pairs well with a variety of foods, including barbecued and smoked meats, pulled pork, venison or heaping plate of duck fat fries.


Grapes for the Red Blend come from vineyards throughout California. Famous for its idyllic climate, California has the perfect weather for growing juicy, fruitforward grapes. With well-drained soils and warm, dry conditions that cool down each evening, the vineyards produce grapes with rich, concentrated flavors and a perfect balance of bright acids and ripe tannins.


With our red blend, we wanted to create a juicy wine with a pleasing palate and balanced brightness. To do this, we tasted through a selection of varietals and chose those that gave a good amount of red-fruit character. We found the Zinfandel, Merlot and Syrah to be our plush, front-loaded fruit-bearers, while the Petit Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon bolstered the palate with spice, structure and tannins. Oak aging, with French and American oak, gave sweet vanilla and baking-spice notes that highlight the blend perfectly.

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Key facts

Combining several varietals, our Red Blend offers layers of dark fruits and spices.

We sourced grapes from multiple vineyards in California, selecting fruit from regions best suited to that varietal.

To deliver a fruit-driven profile, we used Zinfandel, Merlot and Syrah for the base of our blend.



Non Vintage

Varietal Composition:

36% Zin
34% Merlot
12% Syrah
9% Petit Sirah
5% Cabernet Sauvignon
4% Other

Barrel Aging:






6.0 g/L




2015 to 2016

Winemaker Marty Spate and his dog Duke

It’s true what they say about the similarities between an owner and his dog. In this case, Duke is a perfect reflection of Winemaker Marty Spate's bigger-than-life personality. Marty, who grew up with dogs, has early memories of riding around on the back of his Great Dane named Moose. In the years between Moose and Duke, Marty’s personal journey took shape. “When I left my family’s ranch, where we farmed grapes,” says Marty.

“I promised myself to never go back to working in the sand and dirt and sun.” However, his roots prevailed and he soon found himself in a cellar as a winemaker. For the past 16 years, Marty has been making wines, including several collaborative projects that take him around the world. For him, Chateau la Paws is a homage to that journey – that ultimately takes us back home to the comfort of our loyal dogs.