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Winemaker Marty Spate has put 16 years of winemaking experience & a lifetime love of dogs into these wines.



Whether it’s an eager, wagging tail or the comfort of a curled up body at your feet, dogs provide the epitome of simple pleasures. Our Chardonnay has the same effect, soliciting immense satisfaction with its straightforward character, perfectly balanced for accessibility and reward. With soft, supple nature, the wine opens with ripe melon, orange blossom and spice aromas. On the palate, flavors evolve into fresh, tropical fruit and crisp, green apples. Partial oak aging imparts depth and layers, leaving nutty, vanilla accents to join the lemon meringue finish. Pair this quaffable wine with a fleshy white fish, served in a burre blanc with grilled veggies or salad.


To achieve the delicious layers in our Chardonnay, we selected fruit from several vineyards throughout California, imparting depth and character from various locations. With its sunny coastline hugging the chilly Pacific waters, California has the ideal climate for fruit-forward wines. Long, warm afternoons are framed by cool fog in mornings and evenings, allowing the development of rich, juicy flavors and bright, balancing acids. The extended growing season allows the fruit to ripen slowly, developing complex and intriguing flavors.


Our Chardonnay was picked at the peak of ripeness. To retain the bright, fruitdriven profile, we fermented the grapes in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures. Half of the wine went through secondary (malolactic) fermentation to lend a nice creamy roundness to the bright, lifted aromatics and crisp fruit character inherent in the grapes. Extended sur lie aging added additional weight and depth, creating a Chardonnay that is both supple and refreshing.

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Key facts

A charming Chardonnay that pleases with its tropical fruit, sweet citrus and warm vanilla-oak tones.

California provides the perfect home for Chardonnay with long, warm days and cool evenings.

Partial malolactic fermentation and sur-lie aging added depth and length to the palate.



Non Vintage

Varietal Composition:

94% Chardonnay
4% Viognier
2% Malvasia Bianca

Barrel Aging:

American & French Oak





6.0 g/L




2015 to 2016

Winemaker Marty Spate and his dog Duke

It’s true what they say about the similarities between an owner and his dog. In this case, Duke is a perfect reflection of Winemaker Marty Spate's bigger-than-life personality. Marty, who grew up with dogs, has early memories of riding around on the back of his Great Dane named Moose. In the years between Moose and Duke, Marty’s personal journey took shape. “When I left my family’s ranch, where we farmed grapes,” says Marty.

“I promised myself to never go back to working in the sand and dirt and sun.” However, his roots prevailed and he soon found himself in a cellar as a winemaker. For the past 16 years, Marty has been making wines, including several collaborative projects that take him around the world. For him, Chateau la Paws is a homage to that journey – that ultimately takes us back home to the comfort of our loyal dogs.